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life… Part Deux

well life has been pretty eventful the past 3 months. Kat is now 12 week pregnant we just got our first sonogram on tuesday. Pretty AMAZING to see my little baby jumping around.

Work is still blah. I got a job at a big box wholesale place. I used to work for the same company so if you know me; you could probably take a guess where.

I’m still interviewing all the time. Nothing worthy is biting. Unfortunately. Also being qualified and losing the position to someone less qualified but bilingual really pisses me off. (wish I would have paid more attention in spanish class in school).
Atleast I have a mediocre job to atleast pay the bills for now. I’m not giving up on job hunting till I find something I can actually support my family with.

School is hard for me. I feel like working is going to support my family more right now. Not like I’m giving up on school, just need money. That baby deserves to have all the care in the world. Right now school isn’t going to put food on the table. Its a catch 22 because whatever job I get won’t be great because of my lack of education, but my going to school will not feed my finance and fast approaching baby.

Please excuse my grammar I am just spewing what is on my mind.

Kat is doing really good. I’m so proud of how she is doing. She is 40+ hours of work, plus school, plus being pregnant its gotta be difficult. Having me on the couch everyday when she leaves for work has got to be worse. 😦

Well that’s all for now, gotta go grocery shopping. 🙂

Next week we tell the family about the pregnancy. If you don’t hear from me by the 15th inform the FBI I think it was her mom who murdered us. She reads a lot of murder mystery books and works for a lawyer she knows how to hide a body, cover her tracks, and how to have a alibi.


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