Unemployment is rough.  Wow.  I have only been unemployed for a week, and I am finding it increasingly difficult to find a job.  Call centers seem to be the only places hiring.  I had an interview for a company yesterday.  It seemed like a great job, sounded fun.  Than I learned it was minimum wage.  I haven’t made minimum wage in 10  years.  REALLY!?  I of course took it, I have a second interview sometime next week.  Of course I am going to continue looking.

As I suspected, my fiance isn’t staying as understanding and supportive as she was last week.  Its only been a week, and it happens to be the end of the month, so she has paid every bill, I truly appreciate her for doing so.  It comes across as me being a burden, (which I obviously am) and she isn’t helping my self-esteem a single bit by acting like she is.  Acting like it’s this huge disaster that she isn’t able to buy something for herself, and that she isn’t able to save.  It feels unappreciated that I helped her SO much in the past 3 years.  It feels like all that I have done for her has counted for nothing.  All well.

I love her, I just wish she would understand a little bit better.  I wish she would suck it up, and know that I am trying, and know that I didn’t plan this.  It makes me feel pitiful, and pathetic.

Web Design is still a major move for my future, it just feels really dim right now.   It feels like it’s on pause, no money in, no creativeness going out.  Don’t forget the site! http://www.jarredlintz.info

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading.