Web Design is a fun and creative job.  It’s also highly competitive.  I am just starting out on this career path, and already have had a couple of set backs.  I have been looking at other web designers websites, and feel pretty inadequate.  My best friend Hailey told me not to get discouraged, they have had a lot of training, and a lot of practice.  She’s right, I’m just scared I will never be as good.

Its been interesting since I quit my job.  I feel like I just went back 5 years, and I’m starting from scratch again.  Luckily I have a fiance that cares, and understands.  She is so supportive, I just don’t know how to show her how I appreciate it.  She’s the bread winner for right now, she’s the one going to work all week long, and on top of that, working on school.  She’s my hero, again, I don’t know how to tell her that.

The days are starting to blend together.  I feel like a housewife.  I spend my days catching up on my shows, watching movies, cooking dinner, and keeping the house tidy.  Its a full time job all in itself.